Faster, More Complete Awards

IBI will work for you to gain faster, more complete awards for each and every claim referred to us. As we enter our fourth decade of quality service and support to the long-term disability (LTD) industry, our mission is to redefine industry standards for both service and savings. IBI effectively integrates LTD and Social Security and we can assist carriers in all aspects of Social Security entitlement. The result? Bottom-line savings to you!

National Social Security Disability Representation

IBI was founded in 1986 and provides nationwide service to process disability claims at any level within the Social Security Administration. We win nearly 98%* of represented claims and we are proud to be among the highest volume, most experienced Social Security disability service firms in the country.

Overpayment Recovery Service

We have an experienced unit dedicated to optimizing the overpayment recovery process for individuals and corporations. Our personalized service ensures that individuals understand the process and its benefits. Using Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF), we are able to procure fast, accurate payments. Our tried and true system has delivered peace of mind to individuals and corporations for many years, now. Contact us for more information about designing a process that suits all of your needs and interests.

Medicare Enrollment & Recovery Service

Our Medicare Enrollment Service obtains the earliest possible Medicare enrollment date for our clients. For cases referred to IBI, that means obtaining the earliest onset date. For future entitlement cases, it means diarying claims to assure timely enrollment in Medicare. For all other cases, we can perform a Medicare claims audit to identify entitled to Medicare but not yet enrolled and assist them in enrollment.

Our Medicare Recovery Service recovers healthcare costs paid on behalf of clients who are entitled retroactively to Medicare. IBI’s Medicare recovery and diagnostic mapping procedure ensures not only that payment is made, but that payment is made correctly.

Benefit Verification & Interpretation

A well-managed LTD claim is one in which all information is present and current. Through our Benefit Verification & Interpretation Service, we help insurers manage Social Security issues.

Program Consultation

Since 1988, IBI has witnessed and participated in numerous developments within the vast, growing Disability Management Industry. One way we share the benefits of this experience with our customers is through our Program Consultation. Based on our close working relationship, we will help you identify and implement the best processes and methods for your unique business requirements. We will help you integrate and manage your long term disability, Overpayment recovery, Social Security integration, short term disability integration, and more. Working closely with you, we can reduce your problems and increase your success.

On-Site Social Security Support

We understand that even simple developments to improve your company’s performance can be challenging to fully implement. With that in mind, we are always ready to help. IBI can place a complete range of Social Security services and expertise where you most need it: in your office. This includes complimentary file reviews, Social Security trainings and technical support. We will make sure that you and the people working with you learn how to best manage your caseload and your individual cases. (or the like)

Post-Adjudicative Diary (PAID)

Our PAID process allows us to stick with a claim until all benefits are fully integrated and administered. With PAID, we will not close a case until all the related benefits (Workers Compensation, State Disability, Windfall Offset, etc.) are integrated and resolved. If we expect our individuals’ benefits to change due to future entitlements or off-sets, we use a post-adjudicative diary to take the necessary actions to update payments, with appropriate documentation. We understand that efficient integration of these benefits is important to your organization.

Total Offset Support

Your offset may not always be with Social Security. In these instances, IBI has years of experience with and knowledge of Railroad Board, Black Lung, Canadian Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan benefits. We will file a well-documented claim for approval with the same level of support and services that you expect with your Social Security claims.

Work Help Opportunities

IBI is unwaveringly committed to the well being of our clients. We have learned that our clients are almost always happier and healthier when they can return to the work force, even in an alternate capacity. Our Work Help Opportunities program allows our claimants to find ways to attempt to return to the workforce. Unfortunately not all claimants can return to work, but we want all our claimants to understand that disability is not a “life sentence” to unproductive isolation. We can work independently or through your organization’s resources to help our claimants transition back into the workforce.

Short Term Disability Representation

Sometimes, long term disability strikes individuals who only have short term coverage. IBI can help. Through our services, you know that your referrals will get service and representation they need to get their benefits. By referring these claimants to use, you provide them with excellent representation and counsel, at an excellent value, with no cost to you.

Web Enabled Database

Our website is a secure, 128-bit encrypted, password-protected, automatic idle log off site which allows insurers to obtain immediate, real-time status of claims. With our client’s previous authorization and an IBI assigned User ID and password, insurers are able to review case status, medical documentation, IBI file notes and more.

Our culture at IBI revolves around respect, dignity, and dedication to excellence. We pride ourselves on our dedicated, personalized service, and we always maintain the utmost respect. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and ethics. We will work for you and with you to achieve your goals.

*98% of the people who stay with IBI through all appeals ultimately receive an award of Social Security Disability benefits. Past results, however, afford no guarantee of future results.