General Links
- Official government website for the SSA. It contains forms, a limited glossary, and full-text online legal sources such as the USC, CFR, SSR's, AR's, and recent and proposed legislation and rulemaking (but not judicial) changes.
- Official private website of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives (NOSSCR). This site offers a general canvas of NOSSCR and does not contain significant health information or legal sources although it does address some newly developing legal topics applicable to SSA. It also contains an acronyms glossary, OCO Module ranges and phone numbers.
- Official private website for the Social Security Advisory Service. It provides general information about the SSA, but does not significant legal or health information. It's greatest feature is the "CONNECT Board" - a nation-wide online bulletin board where SSA representatives post comments, questions, and answers concerning all issues affecting the SSA and applicable law.
- Official website for the Association of Administrative Law Judges